Leo Bankersen - writes about film

Freelance film critic, based in the Netherlands. Writing about film since Chinatown and Night of the Living Dead. Longtime reviewer and interviewer for the newspapers of the Netherlands Press Association (GPD) and (from 2013-2015) De Persdienst.

Also contributing to the monthly film magazine de Filmkrant, Cinekid catalogue and publications of other festivals, and the cultural website Cultuurpers.

From 2010-2014 he was a board member of the Association of Dutch Film Critics (KNF).

Several times he served as a jury member for FIPRESCI. For example in Yamagata, Haifa and Dubai.

His special interests are documentary film, non-western cinema, films for children and film education.

Has additional experience as a staff member and director of a small theatre and arthouse cinema in his home town Alkmaar, until in 1999 he decided to focus on film criticism solely.

Education: University of Amsterdam.

e-mail: lba@xs4all.nl
phone: +31(0)72-5207112, +31(0)6-23937710